Large Hadron Collider up for remission until October. Still.


Most hardcore geeks swear by it; most others think that the world will end by it.

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider is up for repair ever since it got nicked by faulty wiring just nine days after it was started last September, and CERN’s officials are saying that current estimates for when repair is going to be finished are getting kicked back to sometime this October.

That’s a pretty long time for such a nifty gadget to be just sleeping around. Especially since it’s repair estimates are going to rack up to $37 million over a few years, not to mention that this 27-kilometer wide circular baby cost $10 billion to start with.

The Large Hadron Collider, if you must know, is essentially a huge circular tube where scientists go nuts making atomic particles collide with each other. The particles that blow off when they do can apparently tell how the world may have began, how it is most likely to end, and perhaps why toast always falls butter side down.

Sadly, I’m not too keen about squandering that huge amount of money, all for nine whole days at this merry-go-round.