Larry Ochs told his music ‘is not jazz’


American jazz saxophonist and composer Larry Ochs has seen many things during 40 years playing his instrument but, until this week, nobody had ever called the cops on him.

A “jazz purist” in Spain called the police because the 60-year-old musician (performing with his band Larry Ochs & Drumming Core) was on the wrong side—performing “contemporary music” and not jazz.

The spectator explained to authorities that his physician told him “it was psychologically inadvisable” for him to listen to anything that could be mistaken for mere contemporary music.”

Incredibly, the police took the unnamed complainant seriously and spent some time listening to Ochs and his group before concluding that he might have a point, referring the matter to a judge. The man wanted his money back.

Check out Larry Ochs’ performance at the Siguenza Jazz festival below: