Last minute spring break ideas for party animals

spring_breakSpring Break is the perfect opportunity for you party animals out there to run wild and free without a care in the world, downing drinks and partying in the sun with friends.

Being a party animal, youíve probably been so busy well, partying, that youíve forgotten to actually arrange to do something for the wildest vacation period of the year. Never fear, here are some hot suggestions on what to do and where to go if you find yourself at a bit of a loss as Spring Break draws closer:

Just stay home
Shocking, right? You might not think it but wherever you live here in the good old US of A thereís fun to be found, whether you live in New York or Norfolk. Plus you donít need to worry about any expensive plane trips, motels or the logistics of actually buying tickets for events.

Take one day at a time, round up your equally as unorganised friends and go wild in your hometown. You could even do touristy things (there are plenty of us out there who have never visited our hometown museum or memorial) and then hit up the bars in the evening.

Go tropical
People have been boasting about jetting off to Cancun and you might think itís too late now for you – but never fear, sites such as can help you track down some great deals at the last minute.

So if the thought of staying in your hometown over Spring Break fills you with horror and shame then you could soon be in Mexico or Jamaica, sipping a cocktail with the rest of the swimwear clad party animals by a pool and if there is a costume party planned for one of the evenings, make sure you turn to Morph Costumes for Spring Break approved outfits and pick up an outfit before you jet away.

All work and plenty of play
There are so many tour operators and events going on for Spring Break that even at this time you might still be able to sign up for work. Getting paid to party, thatís a dream come true for a party animal like you!

You could work as a rep, a steward or even a lifeguard (if you have the right training) and still have time to party with the rest of the Spring Breakers. Plus, youíll feel smug knowing that youíre getting paid to have fun and some companies even offer free accommodation.

Do something completely different
Why do you need to stick around in the States to enjoy Spring Break? Why donít you go trekking around Europe for a couple of weeks? It wonít be as high in demand as Cancun or Miami, so you should get accommodation sorted easily and once youíre over there itís not too expensive to let your hair down.

Jet over and enjoy a few pints in some London pubs, see the cheeky sights in Amsterdam or chug down a proper beer in Germany. Head over with a group of friends and make it a trip to remember by hopping between countries, Europe is a great destination because you can jump on a train and youíre somewhere completely new in a couple of hours!

Hopefully some of these ideas offer some inspiration for the oncoming Spring Break, but donít delay any more! Get calling those operators and book yourself on a trip.