Lautner’s Men’s Health Cover Repeats A Previous Issue

Deja Vu?

The December 2009 issue of Men’s Health Magazine features Twilight heartthrob Taylor Lautner. The problem is not his shot but the titles blaring around him. They are the exact article titles of the magazine’s October 2007 issue when The Transporter lead Jason Statham was in the cover.jason-statham-men-healthtaylor-lautner-men-health

Articles on the left side of the cover are photocopied giving you Six-Pack Abs: See Results in Just 9 Days, Gain Muscle, Lose Pounds: Tap Your Secret Source, Eat Better, Think Smarter and 1,293.

At least for the last article 1,293, Lautner’s was for money, nutrition, fitness and sex tips while for Statham’s it was women’s sex confessions. A comparison of the actual articles should be made to see if they were really different.

The right side seems different. But wait, the title that has the yellow background is the same, Your Ultimate Cardio Plan.

In any case, there would be other articles in the magazine that are dissimilar from each issue.

Lautner had also been in the cover of Rolling Stone magazine just last month.