Lea Michele Wish: Mentor American Idol Contestants

lea-micheleA star of the popular musical television show Glee was overheard to have expressed that she wants to mentor American Idol contestants.

Lea Michele, who plays the narcissist role Rachel Berry, was in the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show when she was overheard. Michele is banking that the possibility will be high because the two shows are shown from the same network.

The Golden Globe Award winning show and ratings leader American Idol are being broadcasted from the same network, which is Fox.

The actress also expressed that she would like the show to cover the songs of Justin Timberlake. Glee has successfully covered the songs of Madonna recently during the episode The Power of Madonna.

The latest episode of the show, Bad Reputation, featured¬†Olivia Newton-John as herself. Neil Patrick Harris will be appearing in the Dream On episode on May 18 as former glee club member Bryan Ryan, Will Schuester’s high school nemesis.