Leaked iPad 2 Case Images Fuel Feature Speculations

ipad-2-caseImages of cases that will be used for a would-be and upcoming upgrade of what is probably the world’s most popular tablet computer has fueled speculations of the new features that the device would get.

The successor of Apple iPad seems that it will have a rear camera. Despite the idea of taking a picture using a large device seems odd, owners and potential buyers are asking for cameras. The case however cannot tell if there will be a front camera that will allow the Facetime application like the one found in iPhone 4.

Another feature of iPad 2, as the would-be device is currently called, will probably also have a large opening next to the dock connector port, something that many believe to be either an SD slot, a mini-USB slot or a regular USB slot.

The case seems to suggest that there will be a larger rear speaker. The thickness will also be reduced which will make the weight go down.

Of course, these are all speculations since the images have not been claimed yet as a legitimate product. However, the sites that posted the images say they are extremely accurate for the next generation of iPad.