LeAnn Rimes takes a break from Twitter

It looks like country singer LeAnn Rimes needs time to breath and reboot. She announced on Wednesday that she is ‘taking a break’ from twitter.

The Grammy award winner tweets: “Taking a break from twitter for a while. It’s unhealthy for me and my family to have to read negative comments from people who’s opinions have no bearing on my life. I love my fans so very much and will return one day soon. God bless to you all!”

This may be an off shoot of the recent flak she received when photos of her kissing her boyfriend Eddie Cibiran hit the news. Cibiran’s son was beside them as the couple made out.

LeAnn further posts: “I hope you understand. It’s time for me to focus on healing, my happiness and my music. I can’t wait to share it all with my fans soon!”

The biggest controversy of her year was when she was caught cheating with Cibiran. They were both married at that time to other people. Earlier this year, LeAnn had announced her split from her husband. Cibiran had likewise made the same move with his wife.

Even with the controversies she faces, she still plan to stay connected to her fans. The country star posts her last tweet with: “There’s a million other ways to stay connected with my fans and I plan to focus on those! The most important, bringing you great music!”