LeBron James’ mom and Delonte West affair, untrue

The wide-spread rumors floating about the alleged sex scandal between the mother of basketball superstar LeBron James and his teammate Delonte West was made-up, according to LeBron’s attorney.

The lawyer had sent the sports blog terezowens.com, the first site to post about the alleged affair, to “immediately stop publishing or in any way repeating these false, despicable, and per se defamatory statements.” The email was meant as an order for the sports blog to “cease and desist” in the spreading of “lies” about LeBron’s mom.

The rumor was suggested to have caused the lackluster performance of LeBron during his recent games.

Terez Owens has also introduced a new spin on the rumor. On what was first suggested as a long-term affair, was further revealed to be just a one-night stand.