LED Eyelashes: Bizarre New Asian Trend


Girls, have you figured out what you should be doing this upcoming Halloween? Well, forget about Balloon Boy and Sarah Palin costumes. Korean artist Soomi Park has come up with this LED eyelash gear that makes your eyes look bigger and more noticeable in the dark.

The eyelashes are hooked up to a tilt sensor so the lashes light up differently when you move your head. In an interview with We Make Money Not Art, Park describes the motivation behind her design:

“I tried to project Korean’s obsession to big eyes, and how this fetishism is interpreted into excessive plastic surgery done on the eyes among Korean women. I really thought the obsession with big eyes can be represented through media design, because both yearning for bigger eyes and projecting the look through lights can be done by distorting the representation and creating new images. The LED Eyelashes have a mercury sensor that controls the light on the face. When wearing the LED eyelashes, you look embellished as if you were wearing a piece of fashion jewelry.”

Here’s a video of the LED eyelashes in action: