LED-Powered Smiles

Led-Powered Smiles

If you’re obsessed with everything LED, here’s a nice little find. LED-powered smiles!


It’s a commercial promoting the Laforet Grand Bazar winter sale in Harajuku, an area between Shinjuku and Shibuya in Tokyo renowned for its unique street fashion. Here is a rough translation of the dialogue from Pink Tentacle.

[Man]: We can make it work. I’ll do my best.
[Woman]: Will you come to see me if I get lonely at night, no matter what?
[Man]: I will go immediately. I’ll fly.
[Woman]: Will you come and pick me up if I call you from Mt. Everest?
[Man]: I’ll fly there right away.
[Woman]: Will you bring me hot nabe soup if I ask for it?
[Man]: I will. I’ll bring a year’s worth.
[Woman]: What if I asked you to take me to the moon?
[Man]: That might be difficult…
[Woman]: That’s not good enough.
[Man]: But I can make you happy.

I guess this is in response to the LED eyelash gear that makes your eyes look bigger and more noticeable in the dark.