Legendary Leader Cao Cao’s Resting Place Discovered

The tomb of the ancient and legendary Chinese leader Cao Cao was discovered in central Henan province, not far from Yellow River and near the city of Anyang where he ruled the Kingdom of Wei.cao-cao-tomb

The excavation site shows an 8,000 square foot (740 square meter) chamber and contains three set of body remains: a man of about 60 years old, believed to be of Cao Cao’s  and those of two women, believed to be that of his empress and of his escort.

The tomb was actually discovered a year ago. It was only now that the connection was made when stone tablets carrying the inscriptions “King Wu of Wei” were taken back from looters and the discovery of other articles in the tomb bearing the words “personal belongings frequently used by the King Wu of Wei”.

King Wu of Wei was Cao Cao’s posthumous title as his son Cao Pi actually founded and was the first emperor of Cao Wei, one of the empires during the period known as Three Kingdoms.

Cao Cao was praised as a brilliant ruler, a military genius and a renowned poet. However, he was more remembered for being a cruel tyrant, so cruel that the Chinese made a counterpart of the English phrase “speak of the devil” with “speak of Cao Cao”. Various villains in operas and historic novels were often portrayed in his image.