Discover new destinations with Let’s Roam Web Series

lets_roamNow you can discover new great destinations through the Travelocity’s award-winning web series Let’s Roam. The weekly web series started in May and it introduces you hidden gems, must-try local foods, beautiful scenery, friendly locals and much more. Hosted by Senior Editor Courtney Scott who is zig-zagging the globe and brings you new great travel adventures each and every week.

The Let’s Roam web series is a celebration of Travelocity’s roaming tradition, aimed at uncovering those stories and offering unique insights for travelers along the way. Our purpose at Travelocity is to get you on your way and then roam the world beside you, and Let’s Roam does just that, ” said Brad Wilson from Travelocity.

The host, Courtney Scott, spends one day in each destination where she volunteers with local organizations.

The magic of travel isnt just getting from point A to point B, its all of the uncharted moments that happen in between, Scott said. ìIím a roamer by nature, and when I travel, Im searching for the stories that bring to life the heart, soul and local flavor of a place beyond the tourist spots.

The new destinations, new webisodes, feature places like Colombia, Curacao as well as the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Tune in for the show ever Wednesday at 11am ET through Travelocityís YouTube Channel or through their website


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