Lex Luthor Actor Won’t Return to ‘Smallville’

Michael_RosenbaumThe actor who played Lex Luthor for seven seasons of the television series Smallville reportedly does not want to have any part in the show’s upcoming final episode.

Michael Rosenbaum, 38, apparently repeatedly turned down offers for him to do the role one last time. Sources remarked that he has put the show behind him and is pursuing his other creative talent, which is writing.

He still has time to think as the production of the show has still some three episodes, including the two-hour finale, left to shoot before finally wrapping up.

Two of the most requested items from the fans of the series are for Lex Luthor to go back to the show and finally see Clark don the Superman suit and fly.

Lead actor Tom Welling, 33, stated at the San Diego comic con a few months ago that he has been trying continuously to convince Rosenbaum to return.

“Well, I have tried a few things with Michael. I’ve twisted his arm, I’ve taken him to dinner, I’ve gotten him drunk… I’ve tried to get him to sign papers that he didn’t know what they were… so I’m trying everything that I can,” he said.