Liam Gallagher: Forget Coldplay. Oasis is still the best!

liam gallagher hates coldplay

Despite the global fame of Chris Martin‘s group, Liam Gallagher insists Oasis is still the best band on the planet!

“I think their fans are boring and ugly and they don’t look like they’re having a good time,” he told Times Online.

Liam doesn’t like any ‘modern’ bands. Not interested.

“I play the Beatles, the Stones, the Kinks, Neil Young, and the Pistols. Maybe a bit of the Roses. Don’t like modern bands.”

Liam, in a recent interview on Loaded Magazine said they aren’t as big as they could be in America because of their attitudes.

He fumed:

“I don’t give a s**t about Coldplay. We are the coolest band and we are the best f***ing band. We are the most important band. We may not be the biggest band in America but who would want that?”

“We’re miserable. The main reason is they obviously don’t like us. But a lot of people over there do like us. We sold out Madison Square Garden in a minute and we tour there for a long time. But they don’t buy our records. But America is not the be all and end all for Oasis. America is a country in a f***ing very big world, so if they don’t like us, somewhere else will.”

Don’t worry Liam coz here in Manila, we don’t give a f**k about your attitude. It’s your brother’s pedigree as a song writer and your snarling vocals that we care about.