Libya Accuses NATO of Causing Humanitarian Crisis

Libyan officials loyal to embattled leader Muammar Gaddafi have accused NATO of causing a humanitarian crisis in the war-torn North African country after a recent operation by foreign forces destroyed warships stationed in three key ports.

Libya’s chief coast guard commandant, Amran al-Forjani, said the NATO bombings that caused destruction in some ports in the capital Tripoli, as well as in al-Khums and Sirte, were contrary to the Allied Forces’ vow to protect civilians. However, NATO military spokesman Mike Bracken said the airstrikes were carried out to prevent Gaddafi from blocking the entry of humanitarian aid into the country. “He was using maritime forces to lay mines. These were legal targets,” Bracken said,

Another Libyan official, who reportedly led CNN reporters see for themselves the destruction, said that the NATO attacks hit a civilian port in the city of Misrata, where fierce fighting has been going on for weeks now. Libyan officials said the attacks, which the NATO said hit eight Libyan warships, could affect the supply of food, fuel, and other goods.