Lil Wayne Set to Start Prison Term

One only has to listen to the song “A Milli” to know that rapper Lil Wayne, for all his posturing as a “gangsta,” is far from being comfortable with sharing a cell with inmates. “I’d rather be pushin’ flowers than to be in the pen sharin’ showers,” the 27-year-old raps in the 2008 release. Well, he won’t have any choice but to not drop the soap when he starts a one-year prison term in a still to be determined New York City jail.

Jail officials said it remains to be seen whether Lil Wayne will serve in an ordinary prison or be put in protective custody as what is given to celebrities whose lives are considered under threat. The rapper’s lawyer, Stacey Richman, said that she would prefer to see her client serve his sentence under protective custody to ensure his safety and health.

Wayne was supposed to be sentenced last month, but the judge handling the case rescheduled his sentencing because the rapper had to undergo an emergency dental procedure.