Lily Allen Reportedly Quits Twitter for Good

lily_allenAnother one of our favorite celebrity quits Twitter. First Miley Cyrus, then Emma Roberts deletes her Twitter account because of hackers. Now the 24-year-old singer Lily Allen has followed suit and quits Twitter as well.

One of her friends stated that:

“We thought she was joking, but it’s been a month since she last Twittered, Before then you could always get a response from her straight away. No matter what time of day or where she was, she’d be glued to her BlackBerry. Now you have to leave a message on her home answer phone.”

“She does have a clapped out old mobile phone, but you’re lucky to get her on
that because she keeps leaving it when she goes out,” adds the friend. “She was
so obsessed with the next new thing that it has shocked everyone. It’s like she’s back in the 80s.”

There’s also a report stating that Lily has quit not only Twitter, but also MySpace and email.

I believe its because of her boyfriend, Sam Cooper that’s why she left the popular networking site.

Recently, Lily revealed: “My boyfriend gets really angry. He’s like: ‘I want to
spend some time with you, do we have to have one and a half million people in the room with us?’ I’m like, ‘Yes, shut up!’ ” And a friend of her confirms,
“Sam was fed up. He told Lily: ‘It’s me or Twitter.’ And she chose him.”

I guess i have to ask this again. I wonder who’s going to be the next celebrity to delete his/her Twitter account.