Lindsay Lohan caught drinking on tape… again

Lindsay Lohan is back drinking again. Inside Edition secured some surveillance video of her at Lotus nightclub in Washington DC.

lindsay lohan caught drinking

Lohan was caught last week sneaking Gray Goose Vodka into a glass, and mixing it with Red Bull. After a 45-day rehab program last year Lindsay was suppose to be off the booze, but she and Samantha Ronson were fighting a lot lately and it seems that heartache has caught up with Lindsay and she relapsed back into her old habits.

The same evening as she was caught drinking, Lohan made an peculiar post to her MySpace blog titled “all grown up and .. an outsider for some nights.” It really seems as if Lindsay has been staying clean of booze in the past few months … we don’t wanna see her again go back to rehab.

Here’s the footage of Lohan drinking vodka and red bull. There appears to be a splice just after she pours the drink, so we certainly don’t see her drink from the same glass, but likewise the hiding of a the Vodka would appear to imply some level of guilt.

She is old enough to drink, and hopefully she has learned some self control. But then again, I think that this is none of our business.

(Via Backseatcuddler)