Lindsay Lohan Ordered to Wear Alcohol Monitoring Ankle Bracelet

Lindsay LohanSuperior Court Judge Marsha Revel ordered actress Linday Lohan to wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet.

The judge was not happy when Lohan missed a court hearing last week because the actress was partying until the wee hours in the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival.

The bracelet will send signal through the skin when the person wearing it has been drinking. The signal will be sent to the company that monitors it.

Aside from the ankle bracelet, Lohan was required to do a weekly drug testing within the Los Angeles area.

When prompted with this requirement, Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, asked the judge if the restriction can be eased up as Lohan will be shooting a new film in Texas.

Judge Revel, who is already not amused, refused to do so and even offered to have a sit-down reading of the many reasons on why she was implementing the sanctions.

Holley declined and accepted the decision.