Lindsay Lohan shows up for Probation Violation hearing

It looks like Lindsay Lohan is ready to turn over into a new leaf. The Hollywood star appeared to be prepared and has dressed nicely for her probation violation hearing this morning.

Accompanied by her lawyer Ed Mcpherson, Lindsay entered the Beverly Hills courthouse in a black blouse, grey pants and donned her usual sun glasses. Her father Michael Lohan had also showed up to support her.

The hearing will determine if Lindsay has indeed complied with the terms of her probation. Entertainment source has reported that the prosecutor will cite the actress’ probation violation where she was caught drinking after the MTV awards. The prosecutor said Lindsay’s SCRAM bracelet showed a positive reading for alcohol.

The issue is whether drinking is an actual violation of the terms of the probation.

A surprise of the day came when veteran actor Danny Devito showed up the steps of the courthouse right after Lindsay. It was reported that Danny just showed up for jury duty.