Lindsay Lohan Starts Jail Term, Possible Release After Two Weeks

Actress Lindsay Lohan started her prison jail term Tuesday, July 20, but things could look brighter for her as she may leave the cell in two weeks due to overcrowding issues.

lindsay lohanLohan, 24, reported 10 minutes late to her pre-prison court hearing. Judge Marsha Revel ordered all cameras to be shut-off before handcuffs could be placed on her.  The actress was in good behavior as she put her two hands behind her back and let two police officers place the cuffs.

However, Lohan may only be staying in her 12-by-8 cell for only two weeks.

“She is scheduled to be released on either Aug. 1 or 2 for overcrowding issues and good behavior,” said Los Angeles Sheriff spokesman Steve Whitmore to People.

It turned out that there is a long-standing policy in the Los Angeles County jail system to release early offenders of nonviolent misdemeanors if there is a case of severe overcrowding.

Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in prison and 90 days in-patient rehab two weeks ago.