Liquid bomb plotters jailed for life


Three British terrorists were jailed for life on Monday after they were found guilty last week of conspiracy to kill thousands of people using home-made bombs.

Abdulla Ahmed Ali, Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain, were members of the al-Qaeda-inspired terror group which planned to detonate improvised liquid explosives on board flights bound for major North American cities.

They intended to destroy at least seven planes, carrying over 200 passengers each, in mid-flight between London’s Heathrow airport and the U.S. and Canada in August 2006. The bombs were hidden in soft drink bottles.

Ali, the self-confessed leader of the plot, was told he would spend at least the next 40 years in jail. Sarwar was given a minimum sentence of 36 years and Hussain a minimum of 32 behind bars.

All three men, though born in Britain, had close links with Pakistan.

Justice Richard Henriques said the aircraft plot was the “most grave and wicked conspiracy ever proven within this jurisdiction.”

A fourth man, Umar Islam, found guilty of plan to murder, received a 22-year sentence. Jurors were unable to decide in his case whether he intended to target aircraft in the conspiracy.