Live Broadcast Coverage is Best for Breaking News and Sporting Events

In an effort to save a little money on their monthly budget, a growing number of folks have been cutting the cord on their traditional pay TV subscriptions and turning to the Internet, or local over the air broadcasts, for their news and entertainment needs. According to GfK’s Ownership and Trend Report, 25% of all American households no longer pay a subscription fee to a Cable TV or Satellite TV provider.

Cord Cutters Focus on Cost and Convenience
In addition to cost, cord cutting is rapidly growing because there are now a number of streaming content providers that offer their subscribers the ability to stream pre-recorded TV shows, movies, and other popular programming across a wide variety of devices. This makes it easy for viewers to watch their favorite shows wherever they might happen to physically be located, as long as they have access to the Internet and a compatible streaming device.

Are Cord Cutters Really Saving, or, Missing Out?
While the monthly subscription fee for one streaming content provider is relatively low, those charges add up quickly for folks that subscribe to two or more streaming content providers. After three, a subscriber is easily paying more for their streaming content per month than they were for a basic Cable or Satellite TV package. At some point, the value of the content must be factored into the equation.

What’s So Special About Live Broadcast?
The true cost of cord cutting, however, should be measured in what cord cutters lose when they ditch their paid TV package. As folks that choose DIRECTV entertainment already know, 24-hour news coverage is a must for staying updated on current events, and streamers are missing out.

Politically, economically, socially, 2016 was a year of turmoil, and upheaval for many, and in 2017, it’s likely to be just as important to be aware, and stay informed, of the latest developments and trends. As the old saying goes, “knowledge is power,” and live broadcast coverage makes it easy to stay in touch with what’s happening everywhere and at all times!

Watching a recording of a big game also isn’t quite the same as catching the action live on the gridiron as it happens. When folks subscribe to streaming content, they can catch up on their favorite classic programs but they miss out on live sporting events, especially NFL coverage.

While it’s true that the increasing availability of streaming content may have hurt 24 hour news and NFL coverage in the past, the increasing need to remain current, and, the steps taken by the NFL to improve the game and strengthen and grow the NFL brand, are encouraging a growing number of folks to give traditional paid TV programming a second look.

When choosing the programming package that’s best for your household, the upfront cost is an important factor. However, it’s also equally important to remember to include the value of the content that each package provides, and what having access to that content means for you and your family, in order to make the best decision.