Live turkeys found stuffed with cocaine


Peruvian anti-narcotics police were amazed when they discovered a new way used by local drug dealers to send cocaine from one town to another: surgically implanting the drug into live turkeys.

Acting on a tip, officers stopped a bus outside the city of Tarapoto expecting to find a package with drugs. However, they found a crate containing two live turkeys instead. They then noticed that the two birds were bloated.

Otero Gonzalez, the local police chief, told the press that they detected a handmade seam in the birds’ chest area. A veterinarian was called and he extracted 11 plastic capsules containing 1.9 kilograms of cocaine from one turkey and 17 capsules with 2.9 kilos from the other.

Both turkeys survived the procedure.

Local thugs often use human couriers who swallow cocaine to sneak it across borders but it is unusual to use animals.