Los Angeles Implements Law Against Arizona

Los_Angeles_CaliforniaThe city council of Los Angeles passed a resolution that it will ban any future business deals with companies in the state of Arizona as a sign of economic boycott.

The resolution will also limit the number of official visits by city officials into the state. The boycott is for Arizona’s recent implementation of an immigration law that will make it a crime to be an illegal alien.

The council voted 13 to 1. Councilman Greig Smith was the only one who opposed the measure. When Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa approves the bill it will take effect July 23.

Los Angeles, which has a large immigrant population, became the largest US city to impose an economic boycott to Arizona. San Franciso implemented a similar resolution earlier this week.

Not all official travels and business deals will be banned. Those that are of beneficial interest and those that will trigger an additional cost to the city will be exempted from  the ban.