‘Lost in Space’ actor Bob May dies of heart failure

Veteran actor Robert “Bob” May, who played The Robot in the 60’s sci-fi TV series “Lost in Space”, passed away on Sunday. He was 69.

bob may dies

May died of congestive heart failure at a hospital in Lancaster Community Hospital in Los Angeles said his daughter, Deborah May.

“Lost in Space” is a space-age retelling of “The Swiss Family Robinson” which debuted in 1965. The Robot was the Robinson family’s loyal sidekick, warning them of approaching disaster at every turn.

“He always said he got the job because he fit in the robot suit,” said June Lockhart, who played family matriarch Maureen Robinson. “It was one of those wonderful Hollywood stories. He just happened to be on the studio lot when someone saw him and sent him to see Irwin Allen about the part. Allen said, ’If you can fit in the suit, you’ve got the job.”’

During his career, May appeared in several films with Jerry Lewis and in the TV shows as “McHale’s Navy” and “The Red Skelton Show.”

Survivors include his wife Judith; his daughter; his son, Martin; and four grandchildren.