Love Parade Deaths Rise, Organizers Blamed

Stampede survivors of the Love Parade dance music festival in Duisburg, Germany blamed organizers for the chaos that ensued during the festival. As of press time, 19 people were reported to already have been killed in the Love Parade.

Majority of the victims were trampled to death at an entrance tunnel connecting an old railway station to the parade ground. Reports said the police closed the exit to the tunnel and “those trying to get in were told via loudhailer to turn around, but panic broke out.’

Organizers were blamed for providing only one entrance through a tunnel to the Love Parade, making it inevitable for overcrowding.

Witnesses said they already warned the police of the overcrowding, but the latter apparently just ignored the warnings.

The Duisburg mayor assured that a security plan was already laid out before the event. He added that there will be an investigation into the disaster.