M.I.A. Disses Lady Gaga

A new rivalry might be in the offing here. Multi-talented M.I.A. has fired the first salvo in what could be a beginning of a fierce rivalry with artist-of-the-moment Lady Gaga. In an interview with Britain’s NME and reported by Vulture, M.I.A. criticized Gaga for being unoriginal.

M.I.A. said Gaga is trying hard to sound different by mixing many things just like she does, but disappoints by coming out with the same sound. “None of her music’s reflective of how weird she wants to be or thinks she is. She’s not progressive, but she’s a good mimic. She sounds more like me than I fucking do!”

The Sri Lankan whose real name is Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam said Lady Gaga is benefiting from having behind her a team of people who are desperate to save the music industry. “She’s got a great team behind her, but she’s the industry’s last stab at making itself important.”

M.I.A. is in the midst of promoting her still unnamed third album. A post on Sonymusicshop.jp says that the album will be released in Japan on June 2.