MacBook Pro with Intel Core i7 Processor Benchmarked?

MacBook Pro Core i7 Processor

The Apple MacBook Pro line is already due for an upgrade and since the iPad was already unveiled last January, rumors for another Apple product surrounds the tech world once again.

A GeekBench benchmark result for a laptop reveals what it seems to be a new Arrandale MacBook Pro machine sporting an Intel Core i7 M 620 processor running at 2.66 GHz. The image above will also tell you that the laptop benchmarked has a Mac OS X snow leopard (10.6.2) installed with the Apple BIOS.

The device has the “6,1” name on it which could possibly be the upcoming MacBook Pro model. In October 2009, the Apple Blog reports that the new MBP line will be “MacBook Pro 6,1” and “MacBook Pro 6,2”. The current MacBook Pro line are named 5,1 to 5,5 which clearly suggests that “6,1” is an indication of a major revision.

The benchmark is not a clear evidence of what the new MacBook Pro line would be but it is safe to speculate that the Core i7 CPU would be the best choice for the upgrade.

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