Madagascar Bird Declared Extinct

Alaotra_Grebe_photograph_by_Paul_ThompsonA small diving bird that was classified as native to the island nation of Madagascar has been declared as extinct after it has not been sighted for the last 25 years.

The Alaotra Grebe, scientific name Tachybaptus rufolavatus, was believed to have died out due to a combination of predatory fish and poaching. Carnivorous fish introduced to the lake and local fishermen who have been using nylon gill nets may have contributed to the demise of the species.

The bird is also known as the Delacour’s Little Grebe or Rusty Grebe. They have small wings and are therefore thought to be not capable of long flights.

They are known to be living mostly in Lake Alaotra and surrounding lakes.

There is only one known picture (see left above) of the bird.

It is the first bird extinction declaration since 2008 when the Liverpool Pigeon was declared extinct. There were instances before where a bird has been declared to be extinct but was later sighted again. Experts believe however that this may not happen with Alaotra Grebe.