Malcolm X Killer Paroled

Malcolm XSaying that he has “deep regrets” about his participation in the killing of human rights activist Malcolm X in 1965, a repentant Thomas Hagan regained his full freedom after serving the most of the last 44 years in prison.

Hagan, now 69 years old, is the only one to admit shooting to death Malcolm X, or Malcolm Little, on February 21, 1965 at the Audubon Ballroom in New York. Hagan has been spending only two days each week at the Lincoln Correctional Facility since 1992 after being included in a full-time work-release program, which allowed him to be with his family five days a week.

In an interview with the parole board, Hagan admitted that he killed Malcolm X for breaking away from the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X was the leader of the radical Muslim group before his beliefs softened and he embraced mainstream Islam. Malcolm also had a public feud with Nation founder Elijah Muhammad, with whom Hagan swore his allegiance.