Man busted for stealing 1,200 pairs of shoes

Korean Shoe Thief

Imelda Marcos will forever be remembered for her massive collection of shoes she left behind in Malacañang (presidential palace) after the People Power Revolution toppled her husband in 1986. But a man from South Korea may rival her collection, although those may not be quite so fancy.

The man, identified only as Mr. Park, was arrested in Seoul this week for allegedly stealing 1,200 pairs of footwear from funeral mourners. According to reports, the 59-year-old disguised himself as a mourner and entered funeral homes, and picked through slip-ons other mourners had removed.

Koreans normally remove shoes when indoors, especially while attending a funeral.

When authorities caught up with him after setting up a surveillance operation, he led them to a warehouse stacked high with expensive slip-ons. It turned out Park was amassing ranks of buffed and polished footwear for his second hand shoe business.