Man calls police after partner demands too much sex

Man Calls Police After Partner Demands Too Much Sex

A 47-year-old woman is now facing possible charges of sexual assault and illegal restraint after allegedly demanding too much sex from her one-night-stand partner.

German news site The Province reports that a man in Munich allegedly had to flee to the police after a sex-hungry woman (not pictured) refused to let him leave her apartment.

The unnamed man, 43, said he met the woman in a bar and they both agreed to casual sex on Monday night. But when the poor fellow had had enough, she prevented him from escaping and demanded even more sex from him.

“Because the man saw no other alternative, he complied with the woman’s wishes another few times so he could finally leave the apartment,” a police spokesman said in a statement.

But when she continued to refuse, the man fled to the balcony and used his cell phone to call the police who rescued him after.