Man claiming to be LeBron James’ dad surfaces

A man who is claiming that he is basketball star LeBron James‘ biological father has surfaced.

Entertainment source has reported that a man named Leicester Bryce Stovell is suing LeBron and his mother Gloria James for tampering with DNA test results to mastermind a cover-up.

Stovell, 55, claims that he had consensual unprotected sex with Gloria when they hooked up in a bar around the D.C. area. At that time, Gloria was only 15 and he was 29. Stovell claims that after their encounter, Gloria went back to her hometown in Ohio but returned to him to inform him that she was pregnant with a boy named LeBron.

The man filing the law suit is not a regular Joe. TMZ has reported that Stovell was a Princeton graduate. He had become a senior legal adviser at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The law suit claims that when he submitted to a DNA paternity test with the consent of Gloria, the results came out negative. He thinks that Gloria and LeBron have tampered with it to cover up the truth.

A representative of LeBron has said that the claim was untrue and that it is just a “money-grubbing claim.”