Man Goes on Rampage, Stabs 28 Kindergarten Students in China

For the second time in as many days, a school in China has been turned into a macabre crime scene after a 47-year-old unemployed man went on a stabbing spree in the city of Taixing. Reports said Xu Yuyuan entered the Zhongxin Kindergarten on Thursday and attacked 28 pupils with an eight-inch knife.

The attacker also wounded two teachers and a security in the attack that followed a similar one just a day earlier. A witness said the scene was too horrible to imagine. “I saw blood everywhere, and kids bleeding from their heads,” said Hu Tao, who rushed from his restaurant across the kindergarten after hearing the screams of the four-year olds. “Some of them could not open their eyes because of the blood,” he said. Officials said five of the students are in critical condition.

Authorities arrested the suspect, but they could not tell as of yet what was the motive of the stabbing spree. However, a sociology professor, Zhou Xiaozheng, said the suspect might be a copycat of similar crimes in the past. Earlier on Wednesday, a man stab 15 primary school students and a teacher in the city of Leizhou.