Man in “Elton John Must Die” YouTube Video Arrested

Elton-JohnPolice have arrested a man from Carrollton, Georgia, after he posted a video of himself holding a sign saying “Elton John must die.” The suspect, Neal Horsley, was apparently pissed by Elton John when the singer called Jesus “a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man.” The interview appeared in Parade Magazine last month.

In the video, Horsley is heard saying that he was outside Elton John’s apartment building to remind the singer that he has to die for desecrating “the image of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Horsley’s son confirmed that his 65-year-old father’s arrest was related to the video.

Police said Horsley was arrested for making terroristic threats. Horsley was temporarily released after posting a $ 40,000 bail bond. Elton John has yet to give his reaction regarding the arrest, but his publicist confirmed that the singer owns an apartment in Atlanta.

John’s comments, which were his response when asked about his take on Christianity, drew criticism from various Christian groups and devotees.