Man nearly dies after enduring three-week erection


A businessman from India, who is said to have suffered from an erection for 21 days, was saved by doctors after he underwent an operation. But although the emergency procedure was successful, it rendered the unnamed 55-year-old father impotent.

The man had been suffering from a rare medical condition called priapism and he had not taken Viagra to boost his sex drive. The disease, which is triggered by a neurological disorder, prevents blood from draining out of the penis.

“It was very late when the man sought treatment, the Times of India quoted Dr. Avishek Mukherjee as saying. “We created a passage between corpora and cavernosa by perforating the walls separating the cylinders. It drained the choked blood out and relieved him.”

Prolonged erection usually leads to a permanent damage to the penis and could even cause death. It has to be treated within six hours, but surgeons in this case managed to save his life.