“Man on the Street” targets first spot in iPad waiting line

Greg Packer, who was first in line during the launch of the iPhone in 2007, is at it again for the launch of iPad.Apple_Store_5thAvenue_img3_web

However, Packer became disappointed after he was bumped at the first spot after learning that those who made reservations will go in first. He did not have a reservation. Replacing him in front of the Apple store in 5th Avenue, New York is blogger Richard Gutjhar.

The reason behind his being replaced is the same reason that some people are pointing out as the irony of Packer’s goal. Since Apple has pre-order sales with announcements that people who reserve will get their gadgets first on April 3, there’s no point for him to campout.

In 2007, during the launch of iPhone, Packer was at the very same spot as Gutjhar right now. He was sitting it 110 hours prior to the launch.

He has been quoted in more than 100 articles from different newspapers and television broadcasts as a member of the public, thus the call as “man on the street”. He has the habit of attending public appearances of celebrities and other media events and being first in line on such occasions thus leading to another “title” of being a professional line sitter.