Man Sells Advertisement Space in His Own Urn

A man diagnosed with terminal aggressive colon cancer is planning to sell advertisement spaces on his own urn that will help pay for his cremation and the

Aaron Jamison was told that he has nine months at most to live. Instead of being sad, he is currently distributing purple bracelets that read “Cancer Sucks… Life is Good…Choose Joy.”

His plan of putting advertisements on the two urns that will hold his ashes is aimed to make sure that his wife Kristin Jamison will not need to worry of how to pay for the cremation and the urns.

He is raising 800 dollars to achieve this goal.

Jamison receives disability checks, but it does not cover his monthly medical bills. He has life insurance, but it is small and not much to leave for his wife.

His cancer has already spread to his liver and lymph nodes. He is currently undergoing a different form of chemotherapy that will extend his life to nine months, otherwise he might live only for the next three months.