Man Smuggles Chihuahua Through Airport Scanner

A Chihuahua was discovered when a custom officer scanned the hand luggage of a male passenger arriving at Dublin airport yesterday afternoon.

This tiny dog arrived in the airport hidden in a cage within the luggage, on a flight from Madrid with a Bulgarian man.


It was found smuggled in his hand luggage when it was scanned through an x-ray machine and the image of the animal flashed up on screen.

Customs officer Robin Broni,who made the discovery, said they stopped the passenger for a spot check because Bulgarian man looked nervous.

“As one of the officers said, they actually thought it was a toy dog because it was standing up and it looked so rigid,” he said.

“When we unzipped the bag and discovered it was a real dog we were more than surprised. In my 20 odd years in customs I have never seen a dog going through a customs machine.”

The dog appears to be in good health and was handed over to Department of Agriculture officials where it was placed in quarantine.

The Bulgarian man was arrested at Dublin Airport.