Man to marry four brides at once


Four South African women are extremely in love with one guy and will marry him this weekend.

Milton Mbele, a 44-year-old businessman from KwaZulu-Natal, will walk down the aisle with fine-looking ladies aged between 22 and 35 at the same time.

The marriage—a first, but utterly legal in their culture—will involve a white wedding followed by a traditional ritual.

“We don’t see anything unusual about our marriage. It does not matter if we have marriage certificates or not, what is important is that he loves us,” Smangele Cele, the soon-to-be-bride told the Sowetan newspaper.

Asked why Mbele was marrying all four at the same time, he said: “Marrying many wives is our culture. However, what is different is to marry all of them at once. I am doing this because I love all these women.”

Wedding jitters are bad enough with just one bride. Imagine having four!

[Image via flickr]