Man Tries to Rob Closed Bank, Goes Home Empty Handed

This man could be a nominee for the Guinness World Records for the stupidest robber of all time. A would-be robber in Kirchheim, Austria, became the butt of jokes among employees when he tried to rob a bank that was on early closing. The man, who was wearing a President Barack Obama mask, desperately hammered at the locked door of the bank as amused employees on after-hours training looked on.

Sensing that he came on the wrong day, Mr. robber, who was also wearing a jacket with the word “criminal” emblazoned in the back, walked away and fled in his runaway car without gaining anything but ridicule. The man was about 5 foot seven inches, much shorter than the real Barack Obama.

An employee at the Raiffeisen Bank said they taught that the incident was part of their training to test how they would react in certain situations. A bank spokesman said they tightened their security measures after being robbed in December and January.