Man turns ‘blue’ after taking colloidal silver (video)


The “Today Show” ran a follow up story Thursday morning about Paul Karason, who suffered an extremely rare side effect after self-medicating for a skin condition.

Karason, 58, looked like your regular guy up until about a decade ago, when he began treating himself with colloidal silver. He has the strange Papa Smurf look that has caused him worldwide recognition as the “Blue Man”.

“I’m anxious to try green,” Karason joked to host Matt Lauer. “You get a little bored with blue.”

According to Wikipedia, colloidal silver is a liquid suspension of microscopic particles of silver. A colloid is technically defined as particles which remain suspended without forming an ionic, or dissolved solution.

The substance is being marketed for homeopathic medical remedy, which can be taken internally or used externally. Although it has never been scientifically proven that colloidal silver actually heals, a lot of people still take it. And in Paul’s case the side effect was blue skin.


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