Man Unknowingly Lived with Bullet in the Head for 5 Years

Here’s one more reason not to get too drunk: You might not know you’ve been shot. Just ask a Polish man who did not learn until five years later that he had a bullet buried in his head.

The man, who lives in Germany’s western city of Herne, went to see a doctor to remove what he thought was a cyst in his head. However, he got the surprise of his life when doctors told him that what had been giving him headaches was not a cyst but a .22-caliber bullet lodged in his scalp.

When asked to recall how he got the bullet, the 35-year-old man said that he remembered getting hit in the head by something during a New Year’s eve party in “2004 or 2005,” but ignored the blow as he was too drunk. The man told officers that he remembered having a sore head several days after the New Year’s party but paid no attention to it. The man only decided to have his head checked after being bothered by recurring pain.

Police said the bullet may have been fired into the air by one of the revelers in the party, which unfortunately landed on the Polish man’s head.