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Daniel James Murray, man who threatened to kill Obama, arrested at Nevada casino


Authorities have arrested the man who went to a bank and allegedly made threats against President Barack Obama.

The Secret Service said Daniel James Murray, 36, was arrested at a casino in Laughlin, Nevada on Friday, ending a nationwide manhunt.

Murray, who owns at least eight guns, allegedly told authorities he was part of a mission to kill Obama. He is facing felony charges and is due back in a Nevada court on Monday.

At Zion First National Bank on May 19, Murray opened an account with an $85,000 check. He then asked if the bank was solvent and predicted chaos if citizens were to lose their money, according to a criminal complaint filed today in federal court in Salt Lake City.

Murray returned eight days later to withdraw $12,698 from his savings account, but failed to provide proper identification, tellers told the Secret Service. He then allegedly threatened if he didn’t receive the money, someone would die. A bank manager was summoned and the suspect was allowed to withdraw the money without proper ID.

After receiving his cash, Murray added: “We are on a mission to kill the President of the United States,” the complaint states.

The next day, he withdrew the remaining $72,000 and closed his account.

Federal authorities found it strange that the 36-year-old upstate New York native had visited to close a savings account he had opened just nine days ago.

Leighann Nastasia, a former neighbor of Murray’s in Rexford, said Murray appeared to be mentally ill. He used to walk down the street waving his arms, talking to himself. “He wore a cape,” she said.