Manic Street Preachers album cover censored


Manic Street Preachers’ latest album, Journal For Plague Lovers, has been stripped of its cover by some British supermarkets after its artwork was deemed “inappropriate”. Instead, copies will be stocked in plain slipcases.

I can’t see anything wrong with the picture at all. The artwork was not intended to shock or disturb people. But major supermarkets in the UK thought the image was so realistic, it looked like there was actual blood on the CDs.

James Dean Bradfield, the band’s lead vocalist, called the situation “utterly bizarre”.

“We just thought it was a beautiful painting,” Bradfield said. “We just saw a much more modern version of Lucian Freud-esque brushstrokes. That’s all we saw.”

If you’re visiting Britain, you’ll find bloody tabloid covers depicting an actual person who was actually shot. Like this one. But that’s obviously OK.