Manny Ramirez Arrested on Battery Charge

Manny Ramirez may have retired from Major League Baseball earlier this year, but it seems that the former World Series MVP is not done slugging yet.

Ramirez, the all-time leader in postseason homers, was arrested on Monday after an altercation with his wife at their South Florida home turned violent, police reports said. According to police records, Ramirez slapped his wife in the heat of their argument. Ramirez’s wife, Juliana, reportedly hit her head on their bed’s headboard due to the impact of the slugger’s slap. Ramirez denied his wife’s allegations, saying that he merely “grabbed his wife by the shoulders.” The 39-year-old Dominican-American added that his wife hit her head on the headboard when she shrugged.

Juliana, who had swelling on her face and bruise on the back of her head, said that she called the police because she was afraid that the situation would get worse. She, however, refused to get medical treatment.

Ramirez retired in April after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug. He was at the time playing for the Tampa Bay Rays, who were hoping the veteran could provide more offense to a team that lost many of its mainstays. Ramirez finished his career 14th in the all-time homerun list with 555.