Marcela Temer, Brazilian VP’s wife, is smoking hot

Marcela Temer, Brazilian VP’s Wife, is Smoking Hot

Here is Marcela Temer, the 27-year-old former beauty queen…and wife of 70-year-old Brazilian Vice President Michel Temer. I know that this issue isn’t that big of a deal, I mean, it’s just a case of a May-December love affair. But the reason I’m writing about it is because I find her really hot. As you can see, she looks like Katherine Heigl…with bigger brains. Marcela is a law school graduate by the way.

The former model met her husband during a convention for the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, and were married in 2003. Marcela also contributed to the campaign of President Dilma Rousseff, a former Marxist guerrilla who was jailed in the 1970s.

From Reuters:

Photos of Marcela Temer and her 70-year-old husband, Vice President Michel Temer, were plastered across the front pages of local newspapers for a second straight day on Monday after the pair turned heads at weekend inauguration ceremonies.

“Age is not an obstacle in our case,” she told Estado de S. Paulo in comments published on Monday. “It’s like Michel was 30 years old. It’s funny to say, but it’s true.”

Marcela said she planned to take the bar exam and would take on some kind of charity work “if there’s demand for it.”

Looks like Carla Bruni’s got some competition.

Photo: Wikipedia