Mayweather KOs Ortiz in Bizarre Fight

Floyd Mayweather dominated Victor Ortiz as expected in their WBC welterweight title match at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, but it was how the fight ended that caught everyone by surprise.

In what observers are calling the most bizarre ending to a fight in recent memory, Ortiz came crumbling to the canvass after he was tagged by a Mayweather left-right combination that came a split second after the two touched gloves following an intentional head-butt. Referee Joe Cortez had just deducted a point from Ortiz for intentionally head-butting Mayweather. Ortiz apologized and hugged Mayweather before they were ordered by Cortez to go to the middle of the ring and touch gloves. Then the end came. A fraction of a second after the two fighters touched gloves, Mayweather unloaded the combination on Ortiz, who at the time had his guard down.

Ortiz dropped to the canvass and struggled to get up as Cortez counted him out. The bizarre end caused an uproar from the more than14,500-strong crowd, many of whom thought Mayweather unleashed an illegal punch. Cortez, however, said that the punches were legal. “Time was in,” Cortez said. “The fighter needed to keep his guard up. Mayweather did nothing illegal.”

The victory gave Mayweather a title in a sixth division, tying him with Oscar dela Hoya and just two less than Manny Pacquiao’s record eight divisions.