McCain Urges Obama to Visit US-Mexico Border

John_McCain“Unfortunately, he hasn’t had time to do so,” said the Arizona Senator whom the current US President has beaten during the 2008 Presidential elections.

Republican Senator John McCain has urged President Barack Obama to visit the United States-Mexico border so that he can get a better picture to make better measures for securing the border.

The former presidential candidate said that anyone who “hasn’t seen what’s going on south of our border, they have been oblivious to the terrible, terrible struggle that’s going on down there…. The incredible violence down there is spilling over onto our side of the border if we don’t get our border secured.”

He noted that around 28,000 Mexicans died due to the drug war and human trafficking in Mexico and some of them were just happening south of the border.

Obama signed last month a bill that provides emergency funding for the border security. McCain said that there have been things that were done right in this issue but he would like “more fence” and “more surveillance capability.”